Baby Steps

I sit here on my bedroom floor to deliver to you confessions….confessions of a vegetarian

What am I confessing you may ask?  Well I haven’t murdered anyone if that’s what you’re guessing.  No, my confession is much worse.  [i’ve recently had a small craving for meat] *totally ashamed* especially since I wouldn’t even go so far as to call it a ‘craving for meat’ really its just a curiosity.  I mean there’s so much stuff I never got to try before I crossed over to the v-side.  


Like this doughnut burger for instance.  I was laying in bed the other night and I was just like ‘dang; i wonder what that tastes like’ And sure, I can always make the vegetarian version [which i plan to do this weekend]


But it won’t look like this one <while I’m sure its delicious, it doesn’t look very appetizing>

but still.  Or even stuff that I almost miss eating until I remember that now that this point in my life I get sick from even smelling it most days


[but i never did get a chance to eat my final Big Mac]

*sighs of relief* that was a close one lol



Don’t worry; I’m stepping away from the ledge; I’ve come too far to turn back now.  Now if only I could give up cheese I could be a full vegan…My day will arrive eventually but until it does I’ll keep up the good fight


*When Vegetarians Grow Up, They BECOME Vegans*


Oh the humanity

I’m sitting here; possibly on my death bed…the fumes from my step father’s polish sausage have decided to venture out of the kitchen, around the corner, up the stairs and into my room.  I was fine at first but now I can’t deal

The smell of flesh seriously makes me ill….Am I the only one this happens to?