So as far as I know I have thus far survived the dreaded ‘end of the world’….yet again.  And even if I actually haven’t <because technically there’s still 21 hours and some minutes left in the day> oh well; its been a good run.  All week people have been talking about the Mayan Apocalypse and it was really annoying <but I’m not going to get into the gruesome details>.  And I could go into religious details; but that’s totally not my style. So to all you crazies out there who are just so sure that the world will end and insist upon flinging your craziness upon the rest of us….please, “go somewhere and stop actin’ brand new”.  It will be highly appreciated.  

But hey, even if they were all right about it all coming to an end, it won’t matter anyway cause nobody will be around to hear any of them say ‘I told you so’.  
HOWEVER….If the world was going to end I would want it to be uber awesome; like something out of a movie that I would remember . Zombie apocalypse meets Tomb Raider meets Prison Break; shit would be crazy. I wouldn’t want it to end all lame; everybody just gets sucked into a black whole or something like that. All I’m sayin is, if I gotta go, take me out like a G.
But I digress; it is what it is; and I guess it just be like that sometime…