blipsters be like…

I’m sitting here at Starbucks and there’s been a child in here as well….i guess his mother was busy doing work or whatever.
Anywho, I found that I was rather annoyed because this boy was leaning on the table, causing it to continuously move. And now I’m sitting here wondering why his mother has let him run outside.
I guess it’s no big deal he’s been infront of the window in clear view the whole time. But, he’s also made various conversations with the strangers outside and has climbed on the umbrellas. Now he is carrying on yet another conversation with some woman outside and playing with her dog.
*this is how so many children come up missing*
And I’ve glanced over at his mother randomly, not once has she looked up from the computer (at least not that i’ve seen)


Saved By the Brain


i was freaking out and highly upset because my phone wouldn’t connect to my itunes
anywho whoever this person is i wanna find them and hug their brain because they just saved my life

*i love you forever*

Adventures In Housekeeping (3)

Tuesday (or was it Sunday) anywho I was on my own for like 3 days doing rooms. They decided to have a little wager to see which one of us new people would do the best on the rooms (which I was totally against…I’m not a race horse don’t bet on me) anyway apparently I suck at this job or whatever because I had the most mistakes made on my rooms. And my supervisor told me that this weekend I was being out back in training….
*fast forward to today*
I’m upstairs stocking the cart while I’m waiting on the other lady I’m with today to come up and the old lady I mentioned (the one who was training me last week) she says “they still got you by yourself? I told them you wasn’t ready”
Bottle of cleaning solution in my hand, I had to remember where I was…(because I swear in that moment I was about to go to jail) so I slowly placed the bottle back on the cart, looked up glaring at this woman, and replied “you don’t say?… Btw I’m not by myself anymore”
Of course she knew that….
I have no idea what this woman’s problem is….then she wanna bump into me with stuff and stand in my way. She saw me trying to get past her but she just stood there staring at me. I feel like she has come kinda sick twisted crush or obsession….idk but it’s sad that an old woman is jealous of me.

I just realized something

So I was reading a previous post “more HoneyBuns in the weight room”
And I realized that this man as clearly said he can’t be with me….but then comes back and admits to having a crush and wanting to date me
And it’s not a huge deal because we clearly both don’t have the same artistic views on life and this isn’t going to work out
BUT….how dare you said I’m confusing when it’s obvious that you’re the one whose mistaken about the situation?

And then I’m still stuck on when I asked if he had a girlfriend and he never responded (I have another story on that subject too; but dealing with someone else) because one of my sisters said he was living with her at one point and he’s briefly mentioned her….

Smh at life right now


Then there’s this other guy….(lol if you’ve been reading my stories please don’t think “she’s such a whore” I’ve been in relations with none of these people except one; I guess folks just like me)
Anyway, I think it was last year or something I met this guy (I call him sophomore cause that’s what he was)
He said he had a crush on me; but of course I was still madly In love
With my exboyfriend/at-the-time-lover so I told him i wasn’t in a good place in my life and tried to hook him up with one of my friends (she on the other hand was way to childish and timid for that to work)
Long story short, this dude was also confiding in me some really personal stuff (I’m not gonna put his business out there though) but basically we stopped communicating after a while (I guess he got the point I wasn’t interested)
Fast forward to July 4;
My sister is having a party and he is there….I was high AF and he asked for my number and started back texting me. His issues are still a prominent concern for him and he’s brought it up (and thus I feel as though it would he best that we remain friend zone) but I don’t want him to think that’s the only reason I’m not interested in him….


Some more HoneyBuns in the weight room

It was Thursday while I was running and my phone buzzed…his name came across the screen attached to “wyd?” Thus began our standard conversation.
Of course it had been like a week or so since id heard from him last so I was reluctant to text back in the first place. But I did.
Eventually my run ended and I headed to the weight room (which unknown to me, he was currently located)
When he realized it was me he started continued texting me of course (because I’m just so cute when I’m working out). And then it was decided that he needed a moment of my time to talk to me and he blurted out “I have a huge crush on you…I’m not sure how to approach you”. I’m just standing there staring at him like “why?” Of course I don’t say anything I just let him continue “let’s try it…let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend for the next 30 seconds” *eventually of course I depart because I had somewhere to be.*

Fast forward to this morning; I’m laying down chillin before work plus I had a headache. I get a text “wyd?”

…..anywho, I guess I’ve said all this to conclude that this dude is about to turn out to be tragic. This whole time he’s mentioned hanging out, but not realistic hanging out like catching a movie or going to a party or even the park (he’s been trying to hang out and give massages….) i think he playin; he not bout that life for real. Not only that, the other day at the weight room he said he was joining the military because he’s tired of school (and maybe it will make him more mature) low and behold, issues 3-30…..(I don’t think this is going to work out)

I’m Taking A Poll


What’s the deal with medical schools in the Caribbean? Are they really only a last resort? Do they really take ANYONE? Is it truly the leper of the medical world? I’m curious as I’m weighing my options for this fast approaching future
And I’ve also heard about medical schools in Cuba offering free tuition to Blacks and Latinos; how true is this?
And whats the take on DO vs MD

Of course I’ve done research…I’m just ‘taking a poll’