Naturopathic Life 

So briefly let’s jump into this.

Picture it! Late summer 2016.  So I’m applying to medical school last year as planned and then I get an email from the Princeton Review.  The email was talking about Naturopathic medicine, an alternative to traditional medical school.  So I kept reading not thinking much of it.  As far as I was concerned I already had my plans and my mind made up.  I was going to one of the 7 schools I had just applied to and I was going to be a Cardio God!


Needless to say, what I read about naturopathy interested me and I decided to dig deeper.  I decided to apply to Bastyr University in August.  

By October I had an invitation for an interview.  I was set to go in November.  I flew out on my birthday, toured the campus, spoke to students, interviewed, the whole shabang!  I really felt like I was at home.  

It was about a week or so later when I got a phone call from the admissions office.   I was accepted!  And offered a small scholarship!  It was honestly the best news I could have gotten!  It didn’t matter to me if I hadn’t heard from the other schools yet this was my true destiny.

So now it’s May and in less than 2 months I will be beginning my medical school journey.  Set to become a brilliant ND.