So for the ones of you who may follow my “blog” or who might happen to stumble upon it one day {maybe today} you’ll notice something is missing.  The past few years worth of rambling.  Lol I’ve had it in my mind to recreate this for some time now. And as I sit out in the yard sipping tea and soaking up the sun I figured now would be a good time to do so.

So why? 

Welp, mostly because the clutter was weird.  I’m trying to move away from so much of the clutter in my life.  But also because I feel like this would be a good platform or window into the next phase.

So much has happened over the last 2 years.  So much as began and ended.  It’s strange that it feels like it’s been so much longer than that.  

But I hope to be able to share my thoughts and my journey effectively.  Lol I hope I can be more on top of my game this go around too.