I’m Taking A Poll


What’s the deal with medical schools in the Caribbean? Are they really only a last resort? Do they really take ANYONE? Is it truly the leper of the medical world? I’m curious as I’m weighing my options for this fast approaching future
And I’ve also heard about medical schools in Cuba offering free tuition to Blacks and Latinos; how true is this?
And whats the take on DO vs MD

Of course I’ve done research…I’m just ‘taking a poll’


So I’m in physics….

The sound of snorting/sniffling is high up on my list of things that annoy the hell outta me. This K (that’s AKA for short) is in class next to me snorting) like chick! Go blow your damn nose already! Shit is absolutely annoying……If this was a cartoon id drop an anvil on her head *real talk*



Today I got “threatened” with termination…..and while being fired may be the worst thing in the world to these other 3 people that were standing beside me being told the exact same thing; It wouldn’t really bother me as much if it actually happened. Sure I would be hella embarrassed but in all seriousness I didn’t want this job in the first place…

The Day That Shit Got Real…



So world; today the AMCAS application opened up to the general public.  Today I also officially failed my Organic 2 Class…..As I was sitting there contemplating my life in my head as I signed in to the AMCAS application; I got stressed out all over again….You see world, this won’t be my first time in this predicament…Sadly, I am a “repeat offender”.  I mainly worry because this puts me in an even worse situation for ROTC; I got three times to retake any class and I get the boot <not to mention all the other things that follow that> But I’m really upset about it though; This it the one thing I want to do in life for real and right about now; its being put in jeopardy cause I can’t get my ish together *sigh*  I only hope i got kick ass MCAT scores <which I also have reason to doubt>  

To my knowledgeable people out there: do you think I still have a chance?  Be honest  but no ignorance please (you ain’t even bout that life shawty *in my gangsta voice*) 

Idk man….its just really hard out here for a pimp.  and people say don’t blame the teachers but i say “Fuck that shit” cause this time the teacher really did fail me <no pun intended> and of course I know i share the blame too cause i wasn’t on my shit like i was supposed to be but still….but for reals though, to know that you actually were trying, even if it wasn’t as hard as you could….it hurts a bit

next semester i will (OFFICIALLY) be a senior; which means I have to have my life together 100%; im gonna definitely meditate on it too cause [this-right-here-is-not—-swag] *in my Soulja Boi voice*

Dear bitch…

To the bitch that ‘teaches’ organic chemistry; whose class I mistakenly signed up for….FUCK YOU, and I sincerely and Truely hate your freaking guts….and you better prey i dont ever see you in the street after hours cause if I do, it’s over for you. #TrueShit
So let me tell you what happened in a nutshell world. I’ve been unfortunate enough to have a teacher that’s first of all, dumb as fuck.
(And I may be a little bit more hostile than usual because I’m failing the class but world; there’s more to it than that)
If you see a student is struggling and if that student comes to you on more than one account expressing concern, wouldn’t the polite and logical thing to do be to help that student get a better grasp on the subject? Correct me if I’m wrong…and not only that; yesterday I emailed this woman one last time basically asking her if there was any extra work I could do to raise my grade….she didnt even answer my question, just played dumb like she didnt know what was happening….of course I’m not gonna go too far into a tangent cause today some more ignorant shit went down.
So I had to work in a group for my final microbiology paper (which I didn’t want to do for my own personal reasons but my group insisted) now keep in mind that before today (the due date) we had had this assignment for a month.
Now not only did I get stuck with a dud group, but today as I was gettin ready to turn in the paper one of the girls (who didn’t do anything really in the paper) approached me like “did you finish the paper” (obviously I have it in my hands) “let me see it”….so of course I realize that this simple bitch is tryin to check me Lowkey; tryin to make sure I did stuff right….
How TF you can’t even put together two simple ass paragraphs but wanna check me?!? Does that make any sense? Then the other day we in the library, in fixing stuff, not to mention the sorry excuse for a conclusion she gave me and she wait til I’m literally getting up to leave and ask if I need help….it took everything in me not to choke that ho…

*i need to hurry up and go home before I go to jail*

Guess Who’s Back *Eminem Voice*

Welp; it’s about that time world!  I’m finally back from my slight hiatus (I think that’s the word I mean to use, if not oh well.  I know what I mean)

Anywho, I was looking on here to try and see where I last left you in this adventure of mine called life.  And if my records are correct we last spoke around Easter.  Well not much has really happened since then but I guess I will tell you these juicy details *but a lady doesn’t kiss and tell so I can’t reveal every detail this time*. 

Let’s see, I guess I will start by disclosing the AWESOME surprise that I finally crossed over into the promised land the other week (for those of you who may be culturally challenged, that simply means that I am now a part of a sorority now) and also that on this past Saturday that I took my MCAT (hopefully I will be able to wear one of those lovely shirts that say “I survived the MCAT”) but just to touch on that subject while i’m on it….shit was NO JOKE *end quote* 

“lets see….what else happened”….well dang.  I guess that’s really it world.  My life is kinda lame if you haven’t noticed yet.  But its cool though, hopefully I will have uber awesome stories to tell this summer (I get released for good behavior next week for 3 months) 🙂

OOOOOOH…..I just realized what else I could disclose, its not anything juicy or whatever, just something weird that happened Sunday morning as I was trying to escape the grasps of my ‘weekend squatter’ to go meet with my group to work on this paper [*side note* they totally suck; we supposed to be working on a paper as a group and they didn’t even bother to show up; I coulda been still in bed…told my teacher today I wasn’t working with them no more, damn paper due in 1 day]: so we’re laying there after my alarm has gone off for the third time and this man rolls over, kisses me on the cheek and pulls me back in towards him; wouldn’t have been a big deal if this kinda thing was normal *which it wasnt* so im left layin there staring up at the ceiling like “TF!?!?…did I miss something” meh; just a random that I thought i’d share    

~stay tune for more~

This Must Be Some Kind of Sick Joke….

So this past weekend, I took yet another practice MCAT test.  Shit was rediculous to say the least.  I did however manage to do better on this one than I did on the last one.  But still no close to  the 30 I want. 

But today, sitting in my organic chemistry class, I couldn’t help but feel like getting up and punching my professor in the throat….I feel like the system has failed me miserably.  Why the hell do we have a ‘pre-med’ curriculium if it’s not going to properly prepare us for these tests???  Idk, maybe its just at my school.  But I can’t help but notice that everything I’ve learned in these classes that these people have told us is supposed to be on the MCAT didn’t show up not once on any of the practice tests I’ve taken….and if i see one more fuckin mechanism I’m gonna go to jail…