blipsters be like…

I’m sitting here at Starbucks and there’s been a child in here as well….i guess his mother was busy doing work or whatever.
Anywho, I found that I was rather annoyed because this boy was leaning on the table, causing it to continuously move. And now I’m sitting here wondering why his mother has let him run outside.
I guess it’s no big deal he’s been infront of the window in clear view the whole time. But, he’s also made various conversations with the strangers outside and has climbed on the umbrellas. Now he is carrying on yet another conversation with some woman outside and playing with her dog.
*this is how so many children come up missing*
And I’ve glanced over at his mother randomly, not once has she looked up from the computer (at least not that i’ve seen)


Study session


As I zipped up my jeans and rolled up my sleeves to wash my hands I looked in the bathroom mirror of this local Starbucks and wondered…..”what would it be like to smash in a public bathroom?”
Is that weird?
Kml; it’s pretty damn weird. Especially for me since I’m like the biggest germaphobe. But now after literally 1 minute of consideration I’m curious. And as the water ran over my hands there was a brief descriptive preview before my eyes…
lol I have issues

The Last to Know



So its come to my attention as of late that apparently I’m a *hipster*.  hmmmm…. that’s surprising  but tell me, why am I the last to know about this?  My brother says “I mean, have you seen yourself?  You’re whole ora screams hipster.”  he then proceeded to compare me to his roommate who also is apparently a hipster <but i’m sure he was aware of his allegations   So I asked my other siblings; my sister said it started second semester of our freshmen year in college but it just happened so smoothly.  Apparently my multiple piercings and tattoos throw me in this category, along with my vegetarianism, Buddhism  and choice of fashion.  And my other brother says “I thought you were doing it on purpose” I mean I was doing it on purpose; not trying to appear as a hipster….I just liked how I looked and everything else just made sense to do cause I couldn’t get with everything, it didn’t appeal to me.   

Image   Image

Of course I wasn’t trying to hear that…i mean look at all the definitions out there; so much hearsay it’s impossible to truly determine if one is really a hipster isn’t it?  Because you can’t call yourself a hipster because then you’re just some person ‘claiming’ to be a hipster.  And of course if you’re not calling yourself one then how can you really self-identify?  And then there’s the whole notion of ‘hipster’ being a dirty word….No to mention the debate between identifying as a ‘hipster’, ‘Black hipster’, or ‘Blipster’….

I look at the whole thing and see it basically as how people can describe how someone is dressed, or what kind of stuff <music/art/etc> they’re into.  But a lot of it is just a way for the man to get his hand in our pockets…Being a ‘hipster’ is really kinda played out if you think about it.  All these people who [self-identify] are buying into the capitalist aspects of the culture that have been developed over time; shopping at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, etc; purchasing overly expensive food and coffee <although I too am guilty of drink Starbucks; only when I’m studying for finals though> and trying to find the next thing to make ‘cool’….I don’t get it myself…..

*Meh… its whatever; not gonna let it define me man.  Still gonna eat my plants, drink my coffee, and hit up the thrift store*




Dating Myself


So I had made up my mind that I was going to go see The Great Gatsby <even if i had to go alone>  …Long story short I ended up going by myself.  And this wasn’t a problem; I was gonna take myself out on a ‘date’.  So I got all dressed up in my best hipster clothes (because apparently I’m a hipster now, more to come later) and I proceeded to leave out on my fabulous date <an damn it i looked good>.  Anyhow, I got to the movies and was walking up looking for my id card and realized I didn’t even have my debit card…silly me so I went back home

But the dates not over <just had to wait for the next show>  Anyway, finally got back out to the movies and whatnot.  It wasn’t half bad actually.  I’d seen the original and read the book in high school so I was trying to remember everything.  This newer version though made me think more along the lines of a “Summer love story” than what I remember; made me kinda wish I could have something like that for a minute.  I will say the end part sucked though <not like legit though, just what happened to homeboy>  (I don’t remember Gatsby dying in the original though) but anyhow has anybody else ever noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio characters always get the short end of the stick in love movies?  *homeboy froze to death in Titanic cause Rose was being selfish and he got shot in this one cause Daisy didn’t know what she wanted….I say there’s a connection here with women named after flowers…*  But anyhow; the movie was good though; I recommend it to be seen; especially if you’ve seen the original and read the book; might draw a closer connection if you couldn’t relate before.  

Hipster and a man confused about life

I’m in Starbucks and this ‘deadhead’ walks in…I say that with much hesitation and sadness because this mans dreads looked like absolute shizzzz. I only which I had gotten a better picture for the world To see.
By the way, can u guess which one is the hipster and which one is just confused about his life?