Adventures In Housekeeping (3)

Tuesday (or was it Sunday) anywho I was on my own for like 3 days doing rooms. They decided to have a little wager to see which one of us new people would do the best on the rooms (which I was totally against…I’m not a race horse don’t bet on me) anyway apparently I suck at this job or whatever because I had the most mistakes made on my rooms. And my supervisor told me that this weekend I was being out back in training….
*fast forward to today*
I’m upstairs stocking the cart while I’m waiting on the other lady I’m with today to come up and the old lady I mentioned (the one who was training me last week) she says “they still got you by yourself? I told them you wasn’t ready”
Bottle of cleaning solution in my hand, I had to remember where I was…(because I swear in that moment I was about to go to jail) so I slowly placed the bottle back on the cart, looked up glaring at this woman, and replied “you don’t say?… Btw I’m not by myself anymore”
Of course she knew that….
I have no idea what this woman’s problem is….then she wanna bump into me with stuff and stand in my way. She saw me trying to get past her but she just stood there staring at me. I feel like she has come kinda sick twisted crush or obsession….idk but it’s sad that an old woman is jealous of me.


I just realized something

So I was reading a previous post “more HoneyBuns in the weight room”
And I realized that this man as clearly said he can’t be with me….but then comes back and admits to having a crush and wanting to date me
And it’s not a huge deal because we clearly both don’t have the same artistic views on life and this isn’t going to work out
BUT….how dare you said I’m confusing when it’s obvious that you’re the one whose mistaken about the situation?

And then I’m still stuck on when I asked if he had a girlfriend and he never responded (I have another story on that subject too; but dealing with someone else) because one of my sisters said he was living with her at one point and he’s briefly mentioned her….

Smh at life right now


Today I got “threatened” with termination…..and while being fired may be the worst thing in the world to these other 3 people that were standing beside me being told the exact same thing; It wouldn’t really bother me as much if it actually happened. Sure I would be hella embarrassed but in all seriousness I didn’t want this job in the first place…

A Tale of Entrapment

I think it’s hilarious how certain things in life work out…absolutely freakin hilarious… And they said karma was a bitch but I didn’t wanna believe it. So as I look at this situation I’m not even remotely angry; and I used to be, but not anymore…no, now all I do is laugh. Because if you sit and look at it all over a span of time it really is funny.
Here’s how I look at it: I have dudes basically begging me to give them a chance, but I was still hung up on him so my answer was always ‘no’ and I could basically get any dude I wanted if I actually wanted to but for some unknown reason I didn’t want to because I only wanted him. And I still don’t understand how this; whatever this is, works….I’m known around campus for greatness, keep my grades up, and even make every effort to look half way decent on a regular basis.
He cheated then tried to be a little bitch about it instead of fixing it and I still wanted to be with him (obviously a HUGE mistake on my part) Because its been over a year into whatever this is and he still trippin….
And what kills me the most is he swear he don’t wanna be in a ‘relationship’ except he’s basically already committed hisself to one. Idk….it’s just uber funny to me man.
But world, it’s strange cause everytime I get up to go I always find myself trapped in his grasp. And the shits totally not cool or fair…so as I sit here now contemplating putting all his shit n a big ass ziplock bag and telling him not to come back over here anymore that damn footage from every other good time we’ve had keeps playing over and over again in my head….

*so I guess I can’t possibly let go just yet*


Foulest shit ever

So the other day I witnessed like the foulest shit ever….
Keep in mind while reading this that we have all been away from this city for the past month; you will surely be just as discussed as I am. Now as soon as we opened the door we were hit with the pungent smell of grossness; went in the kitchen and discovered bags of trash that had been left rotting food on the counters and in the fridge….shit is just disrespectful man. So when we decided to take out the trash there was mold growing on the ground where the bag had been sitting.
But wait cause it get worse. They broke in her room to get somethin and it was just as bad in there man
There was cups with stuff growing in them everywhere.
Now this woman is basically the oldest out of all of us but is this gross; just a tragic day man….
But here’s the worst part of that whole day though (when I finally got to my room) one of my roommates decided to leave her used pad on the side of the tub; it wasnt for a whole month though fortunately. But i had to hold my pee for 6 hours -_-*