Natural Beans🤔?

What IS Natural Beans exactly?

Well it’s me! Lol I am Natural Beans and in turn Natural Beans is a reflection of me.  {breakdown: my parental units refer to me as “Beans” and I am Natural } so that’s how the name came about but why?  Why am I choosing to dedicate such and effort to something like this?

No, it’s not about the money (but anything I make I would hope to put towards my education).  Natural Beans is about providing service and information to people.  Of course my primary goal is to reach those in my own community, but the overall goal is to reach everyone (or as many as possible, regardless of their demographic).

But what service and what information?

As far as information is concerned , i like to get the useful stuff out to people.  All good tea that’s gonna help the world heal itself one individual at a time.  The service right now is my whipped body butter that I make by hand with all natural ingredients.  It was important for me as an individual because i began to become more aware of what I was putting into and on my body.  Knowing that I couldn’t use a lot of what was sold in stores anyway i began looking into creating for myself.  It was a success!  Now the business aspect came in after a close friend of mine suggested I move to sell my product to other people.  Of course I was skeptical at first.  Lol I have a degree in biology for crying out loud; I don’t know the first thing about being in business for myself.

Now, Segway into my future as a Naturopathic physician and this is all going to tie together and blow your mind all at the same time. 😂

I realized over the last few months that beginning Natural Beans is the best leap I can take (well one of them) because eventually I have bigger plans as far as my medical career is concerned.  I think this is excellent practice for me.  Learning how to successfully run a business and how to reach out to people and all that other fun stuff.

So yea! That’s natural beans in a nutshell.

Check out my Facebook page for updates and etsy account to make your purchases.


It’s been a long time

Hello all!  Let me take a minute to blow the cob webs off they keys here 🤣

It seems like everytime I get back going with this blog I mess around and get distracted again.  I swear I’m trying to turn over a new leaf (but let’s be honest something else will probably pop up to get in between us).

Anywho, my update will be a brief one for now.

The most exciting is that I’ve been accepted to medical school!! Yea suck on that mcat! Someone out there actually wants me to practice medicine! 👩🏾‍⚕️ So yea.  I’ll be starting my journey this summer in the naturopathic program at Bastyr University in Seattle and I’m uber excited about that!  <explanation on what all that means probably later tonight> #2: natural beans is going in…a direction  (lol) I’m definitely learning “the biz” and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t as I try to get my hustle on.  {btw if you’re reading this; I’m still selling 4oz jars for $10.  You can find me on etsy at and follow me on IG @Natural_Beans }

lets see I think that’s actually about it for the update.  I’m sure I’ll think of something else I left out.  But for now that’s the tea.

**happy reading ladies and germs**


Selling my Brand

I decided to create this Instagram page to better market my products that I’m selling.  The follower count may be low but the word is slowly getting out.  

For anyone that doesn’t yet know, what I’m selling is my own homemade whipped body butter (whipped shea butter).  Yes.  Just like tons of other people out here.  Lol.  The one thing for sure that I know sets my product aside from the rest is that it was made by me.  

Sure the ingredients differ from other butters out there and of course it was made with love.  But ive been thinking recently trying to think of good reasons for anyone to want to buy my product in particular.  I need an angle!  Being natural isn’t going to be enough in a time when everyone is jumping on the train and doing stuff for themselves.  

A friend interviewed me the other day for her blog to help advertise my butter and one response stuck out the most.  “My product and my brand are of a humble variety”.  While it would be awesome to sell every jar I make, I’m more happy just selling one or even giving them to family members for free.  I’m not here to try and get rich, I just saw a need for something and proceeded to act.  

Bug In Your Ear

Hey again! So I’ve updated my webite since last week and i officially have in stock my homemade whipped shea butters: made with shea butter, Kokum butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, coconutoil, a hint of olive oil and essential oils for scent.  I have three acents available, lavender (my personal favorite), citrus (a blend of grapefruit and orange), and a eucalyptus/tea tree blend that I so cleverly named after my blog “tree in the forest”.  Each jar is priced at $10 each.

I also have my handmade waistbeads!  I started these with the purpose of helping people feel good and sexy and strong all at the same time.  I know I do when I wear mine (which is all the time).  Besides that, I really feel more balanced and intune with my own energy since I’ve started wearing my beads too!  My inspiration behind these are the chakras.  There are 7 colors available, one for each chakra (red-root, orange-sacral, yellow-solor plexus, green-heart, blue-throat, indigo-third eye, &  purple-crown) if you are unfamiliar with the chakras and what they do I encourage you all to look more into the topic.  However, there’s an episode Avatar the Last Airbender that explains it well that I’ll post later. Waistbeads are currently going for $12.

I hope you’ll support and give my link a click!  And even more, i hope any products purchased are greatlynenjoued!