Selling my Brand

I decided to create this Instagram page to better market my products that I’m selling.  The follower count may be low but the word is slowly getting out.  

For anyone that doesn’t yet know, what I’m selling is my own homemade whipped body butter (whipped shea butter).  Yes.  Just like tons of other people out here.  Lol.  The one thing for sure that I know sets my product aside from the rest is that it was made by me.  

Sure the ingredients differ from other butters out there and of course it was made with love.  But ive been thinking recently trying to think of good reasons for anyone to want to buy my product in particular.  I need an angle!  Being natural isn’t going to be enough in a time when everyone is jumping on the train and doing stuff for themselves.  

A friend interviewed me the other day for her blog to help advertise my butter and one response stuck out the most.  “My product and my brand are of a humble variety”.  While it would be awesome to sell every jar I make, I’m more happy just selling one or even giving them to family members for free.  I’m not here to try and get rich, I just saw a need for something and proceeded to act.