Some more HoneyBuns in the weight room

It was Thursday while I was running and my phone buzzed…his name came across the screen attached to “wyd?” Thus began our standard conversation.
Of course it had been like a week or so since id heard from him last so I was reluctant to text back in the first place. But I did.
Eventually my run ended and I headed to the weight room (which unknown to me, he was currently located)
When he realized it was me he started continued texting me of course (because I’m just so cute when I’m working out). And then it was decided that he needed a moment of my time to talk to me and he blurted out “I have a huge crush on you…I’m not sure how to approach you”. I’m just standing there staring at him like “why?” Of course I don’t say anything I just let him continue “let’s try it…let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend for the next 30 seconds” *eventually of course I depart because I had somewhere to be.*

Fast forward to this morning; I’m laying down chillin before work plus I had a headache. I get a text “wyd?”

…..anywho, I guess I’ve said all this to conclude that this dude is about to turn out to be tragic. This whole time he’s mentioned hanging out, but not realistic hanging out like catching a movie or going to a party or even the park (he’s been trying to hang out and give massages….) i think he playin; he not bout that life for real. Not only that, the other day at the weight room he said he was joining the military because he’s tired of school (and maybe it will make him more mature) low and behold, issues 3-30…..(I don’t think this is going to work out)


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