More honey buns in the weight room

Soooo if you recall last week I mentioned the random texting conversation I had…
Anywho about a month ago I was in the weight room minding my own business and this dude came in with eating a honey bun. Five minutes later he came over and got on the bike next to me and then began talking (mistake number one) but I was being nice and allowed him to continue
Anywho about a week and a half goes by; I’m still going to the weight room and he’s still starting up conversations. Then one day he finally asked for the digits and we’ve been texting since.
Always with the “good morning beautiful” and “good night beautiful”. I think it’s quite cute; and he’ll call me up on occasion (I hate talking on the phone) but I quite enjoy the sound of his voice on the other end. Now fast forward to a few days ago….the conversation where apparently I’m “wifey material”. Of course I was immediately weirded out like TF? The other night we were talking and he was like “I hate I can’t be with you” I asked why but he never technically answered my question but I Lowkey wanted to be like “if you feel that way why are we having constant conversation”….
*lol, dudes is weird I swear*


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