Natural Girls Who Keep Up With Their Tumblrs

I honestly feel like my hair isn’t growing….


I’ve technically been restored to my natural state since my senor year of high school…so like 5 years now.  I didn’t do the ‘big chop’ because my mother wouldn’t let me; so I too the transitioning route instead and Spring Break, I let my uncle cut off the rest of my permed hair.  Had about 1 or two inches of hair on my head maybe 3 but i was still rockin my twa.  In any matter I often wish i Had just did the actual big chop.  

Its year 5 and my hair is nowhere near the length I want it to be.  <still looks fabulous when my fro is out> 


It grew a good deal my senior year of high school after i cut it and my freshman year of college too; but then my sophomore year I had to get a good amount cut off because I refused to pay $20 for someone to cut my hair <after that i figured out how to cut my own hair> so that set me back on my length too.  

I’m just trying to figure out whats going on….I’m a vegetarian so I’m pretty sure I’m getting all of those essential nutrients plus I drink hella water and workout.  I’ve also been taking multivitamins, as of late its been hairfinity but I’m thinking of switching back to just regular biotin and a women’s one-a-day.  I make sure to keep my ends managed every 8 weeks.  And I only wash my hair once a month so that my scalp create its own natural oils <unless i’ve been swimming or something>.  As far as products, (except for shampoo and standard conditioner) if I can’t eat it it doesn’t come near my strands.  I’ve been using the Shea Moisture for the past 6 months (I’m looking to eventually try the homemade mud wash or Trader Joes products though).  I NEVER apply heat to my hair <only time in 5 years was when I was online and that was only one time>.  I try to be as hands off as possible; usually my hair is in two braids and since its summer I’ve had it in protective styling <just took out my dreads last night; cornrows going in this weekend>.  Maybe its the humidity??  I’m not stressed out about anything….  

idk; can anybody who has read this see anything that I could possibly be doing wrong?  Maybe give some tips or suggestions?  I know everybody’s hair is different but I’m still open to collecting data.  



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