PETITION – stop airing Frat Brothers

PETITION – stop airing Frat Brothers

Ever since Spike Lee came out with School Daze, everybody just HAS to make a movie or a tv show about the ‘Black College’ experience…I for one am tired of it.  It was cool in the 80s and early 90s but now its gotten out of hand.  Movies like ‘Stomp the Yard’ have completely distorted the image of what one grows to expect when the go to an HBCU and especially when it comes to peoples reasoning for joining BGLOs.

I watched in disgust this evening a film that was supposed to portray Black Greek Life….it did so in no only a negative way but by also providing false images and beliefs for those not a part of any of these organizations.  Its called ‘Frat Brothers’ and not only was the movie horrible, the title was grammatically incorrect (using a Delta for the A and and Sigma for the S)

And even if there were a few minor details that were correct in the film; these are details that shouldn’t be shared with outsiders (i.e. snippets about pledging and being ‘online’).  Put simple, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY should know what’s going on in your house but you.  Now all over social media, non-greek members as well as Greeks (white, Latino, Asian, etc.) are making comments as well as jokes regarding OUR life (BGLOs) based off of what they saw in this film.  

Some see it as not being a big deal; but I see it as a HUGE deal.  I encourage you, if you are reading this (especially if you are a member of the Divine 9) to go to the link provided and sign the petition to have this film taken off the air.

The future of Black Greek Organizations (and Greek Life as a whole) depends on it…


Study session


As I zipped up my jeans and rolled up my sleeves to wash my hands I looked in the bathroom mirror of this local Starbucks and wondered…..”what would it be like to smash in a public bathroom?”
Is that weird?
Kml; it’s pretty damn weird. Especially for me since I’m like the biggest germaphobe. But now after literally 1 minute of consideration I’m curious. And as the water ran over my hands there was a brief descriptive preview before my eyes…
lol I have issues

My sister texted me this moring about this “some man in a press confrence in South Carolina said people at HBCUs are too stupid to get into PWIs”….now me being the person that I am and of course being a student at an HBCU i had to go read it.  The article isn’t really as detailed as I thought it would be <but I’ve provided snapshots below>

Of course I have my own opinon on the matter…hell I have proven and documented facts <but since I have to go study I won’t go on a tangent just yet>

However, I’m curious as to what everyone reading this thinks.  *Please comment below*