Will They Love Me?

I hope if someone is ever so lucky to take me home with them to introduce me to their family that I am immediately loved at first sight.  

I don’t want to be that ‘tramp that deflowered someones child’ or ‘the hussy that stole their sweet boy’…I want to be ‘future daughter’ or at the very least just me.  

I would hope that whoever is so fortunate to be blessed with me by the Universe has enough sense to (1) tell his family that I exist and (2) tell them a few awesome things about me.  I don’t want them to question his decisions on being with me or try and talk him out of it either.  If his family is important to him <as i surely hope it is> I would just hope that he thinks of me as being equally important…so much so that he would want to share me with them and vis-versa.   


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