Bitch!!! I will choke you….

I absolutely HATE when people try to come in at regulate or change shit!  Especially when its shit that I’ve CLEARLY planned out….And I have to remember to hold my tongue because I know people for some reason are slow at times and they forget the essentials.  So I have sat in this office over the last 20 minutes just looking at these people like they’re crazy rather than snapping on them like my whole body is telling me to do.  See we have been planning this reception for our advisers since last month…and i wouldn’t even have an issue with suggestions EXCEPT when it was mentioned and help was asked for not one person raised their hand and said anything; matter of fact these same people don’t even come to meetings or events for that matter.  Now all of a sudden “everybody wanna open their mouth with a muh fuckin opinion” *Tupac – Get Money (Biggie Diss)*  



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