Bad connection?

I’m not you’re entertainment so don’t text me just because you’re bored because I don’t know you like that yet <and especially don’t text me if you’re not gonna carry on a conversation>!!!

Like i don’t understand what is wrong with people <well really this one person>.  He’ll text like “hey whats up?” or just now “hey; you up?” so of course I’ll reply but my phone doesn’t ring again…like seriously???  Is there something wrong with my phone or is it just a bad connection?  Cause any other time this happens with anybody else its usually cause I forgot to press send; not this time though; i just checked…

A while ago my LS was talking to me and another one of our sisters and she said she didn’t continue on relations with dudes who texted her as their first conversation.  I’m slowly starting to see why she would do that.  its just really annoying but even more annoying than a person with bad text etiquette is someone with bad phone etiquette that will just sit there breathing on the phone.  That’s why i prefer in person least then i can play off my awkwardness or  try and find something as a distraction if they’re awkward.  

Anywho; i’m still stuck on the notion that i intimidate this dude.  i mean what else could it be?


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