Holiday Travels

I’m the type of person who loves to travel….but about an hour ago I saw why most people despise it.


Because it was all fine and dandy until I got to the ticket thing to try and do self check in (because I’m a big kid and that’s the kind of shit we do) but then the machine was being uber slow…no big deal I’ll just wait in line and do it the old fashioned way. But then it got hot (and when I get hot I get angry) but still not a big deal I just Waited patiently in line I even let another group of people go before me (which was the wrong move)
Unknown to me one that group had lost their luggage and was in search of it and the other people I still have no idea what they were doing
So I’m standing there in line like


So when I finally get to the counter I’m chillin like “hey you you doin” then she tells me my bag is $125 and I’m like “dang homie”……
Long story short the lovely lady at the counter completely waved my fee

*HaPPy HOliDayS!!!*


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