Creating New Traditions

Its silly that the thought would even arise but the fact that I technically won’t celebrate Christmas anymore (really just the acknowledgement of the birth of Jesus; no offense) just hit me today….
Usually it goes that the day after thanksgiving mother calls us downstairs to search through boxes and assemble the Christmas tree. That didn’t happen this year; and I thought it was because she would have us do it when we came back home in December….wrong again.
Today she claimed it wasn’t up because she didn’t want to offend me (as I have recently embarked on my path for enlightenment, turning towards Buddha for ‘religious’ satisfaction)
And as she was rummaging through my things she stumbled upon two glittery boxes (gifts for relatives I will soon see) *not that they were intended as ‘Christmas’ gifts; they’re really more of a pre-Kwanzaa gift/just because gift* and she asked me “Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas?”
Of course the answer is no but the conversation led me to continue thinking because I was already pondering over the subject in previous months, reading different articles on the topic as well.
While there are a few Buddhists who do celebrate this holiday most do not (for obvious reasons). But I wonder what will my traditions be? (Especially when beginning a family of my own comes into the picture).
{if there’s anyone out there reading who has also dealt with this or something similar to it (Buddhist or not) let me know your thoughts.}


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