Slightly new to this

Soooo I’m technically still new to this….but somebody PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong….
If I’m a dude who Establishes the initial conversation with the random “hey” and “how was your day” (and you can’t tell me that they were just being polite) because it then led to things suck as “why are you single?” And “we should hang out sometime”
Lol I guess I’m kinda antsy because I find that I’m looking at my phone every 2 minutes hoping for a new text (is that weird?) I don’t really wanna text first either because first of all I’m not the one who was showing interest he was and secondly because I don’t wanna seem crazy or annoying….idk so again somebody correct me if I’m wrong.
Then too I’m kinda like wtf cause he waited so late to say something….like dude we been sittin in the same class all semester and you wait until a week before we get out for winter break (which by the way is a month long) to wanna have conversation with somebody…..
Ohhhh btw for those who have been keeping up *clears throat* this is a new guy. (No I’m not a whore) ex is totally out of the pic and the band kid never called/texted which brings us to the classmate.
All caught up? Good.
So yea I guess that’s my question to those reading; should I take the time to text first or just wait on him and probably eventually loose interest if he stay playin?

*i think I might make him nervous*


2 thoughts on “Slightly new to this

  1. If you have an interest, text. Dont spend energy and time waiting for him. Better to make the move, then if it doesnt continue from then you can move on and not have wasted energy on something that would never come.

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