My Ad to Craig’s List


lol; jk

But it dawned on me a while ago…i just forgot to post <as always> that I should post an ad on Craig’s List for my boyfriend {not for real of course, cause that’s totally not my style.  But people kept saying they were going to pimp me out and whatever so I made my joke}  I don’t think my requests are too outrageous, just simple things…of course the most important was that he would be willing to punch a hole in the moon for me <while i am quite aware that it isn’t possible, the thought it what counts>.  Various other things were on the list as well <more so aimed towards my future husband than a temporary friend of the boy persuasion> 

ImageI think i went on to explain that I’m a tad bit broken and I may be in need of some tape or glue.  Maybe perhaps someone who is equally broken and we could piece each other back together <its really for his own safety because I’ve come to the realization that if I encounter anybody who is even the slightest bit normal, they won’t be that way by the end of the conversation.> *Thats why I like this picture; it goes with my thoughts*

Its kinda silly in a way to have this hope; or this longing for something so outrageously fantastic…I guess I can blame it on my ‘hopeless romantic’ tendencies.   


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