Don’t Call It Hood News


So I’m not entirely sure of all the details but I know I was getting ready to destroy my phone this morning cause it wouldn’t stop ringing (so something told me to get up an see what was going on).
I soon discovered that last night two people had been killed at a night club in Montgomery, AL. Rapper, Doe B and a student from Troy University who used to go to ASU named Kim. I didn’t know either person but this is still sad. Kim had just turned 21 a few days ago and Doe B (also in his early 20s) was an up and coming artist from the area. I don’t even know how to feel about something like this…and apparently the guy that did it is on social media bragging about it (plus there’s rumors of a ‘war’ starting in the area) I can’t deal….
This club that it happened at has had many accounts like this too (with shooting and fights breaking out). It’s just been closed down and renamed each time though (but in the 4 years I’ve been in the city I’ve never heard of anyone dying)
I wish our community wasn’t like this (The Black Comminity). To have such hatred for one another and to not want to see each other succeed has led to things like this and it’s a scary thought. It’s also why many who would have wanted to come back an help out others to succeed are changing their minds and leaving their communities far behind them…is there really no hope for us? (Because that’s how I often feel; that the answer is no)
I end on this note: today’s principle of Kwanzaa is Ujima. It means collective work an Responsibility.
Black People if you’re reading (not just in Montgomery but everywhere), we’ve got to do better….we need to not only work TOGETHER but we need to take more responsibility for our actions.


Holiday Travels

I’m the type of person who loves to travel….but about an hour ago I saw why most people despise it.


Because it was all fine and dandy until I got to the ticket thing to try and do self check in (because I’m a big kid and that’s the kind of shit we do) but then the machine was being uber slow…no big deal I’ll just wait in line and do it the old fashioned way. But then it got hot (and when I get hot I get angry) but still not a big deal I just Waited patiently in line I even let another group of people go before me (which was the wrong move)
Unknown to me one that group had lost their luggage and was in search of it and the other people I still have no idea what they were doing
So I’m standing there in line like


So when I finally get to the counter I’m chillin like “hey you you doin” then she tells me my bag is $125 and I’m like “dang homie”……
Long story short the lovely lady at the counter completely waved my fee

*HaPPy HOliDayS!!!*

Creating New Traditions

Its silly that the thought would even arise but the fact that I technically won’t celebrate Christmas anymore (really just the acknowledgement of the birth of Jesus; no offense) just hit me today….
Usually it goes that the day after thanksgiving mother calls us downstairs to search through boxes and assemble the Christmas tree. That didn’t happen this year; and I thought it was because she would have us do it when we came back home in December….wrong again.
Today she claimed it wasn’t up because she didn’t want to offend me (as I have recently embarked on my path for enlightenment, turning towards Buddha for ‘religious’ satisfaction)
And as she was rummaging through my things she stumbled upon two glittery boxes (gifts for relatives I will soon see) *not that they were intended as ‘Christmas’ gifts; they’re really more of a pre-Kwanzaa gift/just because gift* and she asked me “Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas?”
Of course the answer is no but the conversation led me to continue thinking because I was already pondering over the subject in previous months, reading different articles on the topic as well.
While there are a few Buddhists who do celebrate this holiday most do not (for obvious reasons). But I wonder what will my traditions be? (Especially when beginning a family of my own comes into the picture).
{if there’s anyone out there reading who has also dealt with this or something similar to it (Buddhist or not) let me know your thoughts.}

Slightly new to this

Soooo I’m technically still new to this….but somebody PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong….
If I’m a dude who Establishes the initial conversation with the random “hey” and “how was your day” (and you can’t tell me that they were just being polite) because it then led to things suck as “why are you single?” And “we should hang out sometime”
Lol I guess I’m kinda antsy because I find that I’m looking at my phone every 2 minutes hoping for a new text (is that weird?) I don’t really wanna text first either because first of all I’m not the one who was showing interest he was and secondly because I don’t wanna seem crazy or annoying….idk so again somebody correct me if I’m wrong.
Then too I’m kinda like wtf cause he waited so late to say something….like dude we been sittin in the same class all semester and you wait until a week before we get out for winter break (which by the way is a month long) to wanna have conversation with somebody…..
Ohhhh btw for those who have been keeping up *clears throat* this is a new guy. (No I’m not a whore) ex is totally out of the pic and the band kid never called/texted which brings us to the classmate.
All caught up? Good.
So yea I guess that’s my question to those reading; should I take the time to text first or just wait on him and probably eventually loose interest if he stay playin?

*i think I might make him nervous*