We’ve totally met before

If I was a dude and I claimed to have a huge crush on a girl that I barely know, I would make attempts to let it be known that I exist (especially if we know some of the same people anyway) and if she made her number available I would have made some kinda contact with her by now
Lol; I’m just sayin
Not that I like the kid or anything but damn….don’t make one special guest appearance on a episode just to spring new information on somebody then go back to the shadows again.
Then again; my roommate probably just didn’t give him my digits (i don’t wanna ask though cause then ill probably seem desperate or something) or my crazy may show
imma play it cool I guess

*impatiently waiting*



Today I got “threatened” with termination…..and while being fired may be the worst thing in the world to these other 3 people that were standing beside me being told the exact same thing; It wouldn’t really bother me as much if it actually happened. Sure I would be hella embarrassed but in all seriousness I didn’t want this job in the first place…