…..i feel some kind of way



Sooooo…..I finally tuned in to TBS’s new “hit” (and I use that word sparingly) tv series entitled: Deon Cole’s Black Box…..this was my face as i watched in discuss <partially because I was under the impression that he was actually going to be talking about something relevant; I did not know until pressing the info button far later than i should have that this was instead a ‘comedy’>

I was ‘fortunate’ enough to witness as my first episode the ‘discussion’ of Paula Dean’s recent scandal, Watermelon Oreos, and my absolute favorite “Black Power Bars”.  After killing five minutes of my brain cells with this HIGHLY offensive material I have basically one thing to say to sum this up; ‘seriously…..’ It may be due to my ‘sheltered’ upbringing or maybe I missed the memo on what was considered acceptable in society….Black society; but based off of these first 5 minutes Deon Cole has proven to be yet ANOTHER pain in the side of the Black identity/culture/community.  

However….in an attempt to avoid further loss of my much needed brain cells by thinking about this nonsense any longer, I will not go into any further detail to describe the foolishness I just witnessed.  But I will close with this….”Not Cool Dude; Not Cool At All.”


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