And it continues….





Soooooo… I strolled on my Instagram timeline this morning I found these pictures….shocking I know
The foolishness is set to continue. So lets discuss what I found shall we? First I found the Paula Dean picture (-_-) posted by a person of color who seemed to think it was hilarious
And then I scrolled down further and saw the one of the Caucasian individual who for some reason felt as though she could give a better insight on the topic of the N word *have no idea why* and I hate to sound a certain way right now but at the moment I feel some kind of way (my thoughts aren’t organized so prepare for a rant)….you see world ‘people’ are always try and state their claims preaching that “times have changed” and “they’re just words” or my favorite “get over it already”. Some people may choose to accept the blissfulness of ignorance but the fact will still remain, nothing has changed….if it had we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation now would we? And yes it is true; these may just be words….until that one person takes it too far and the true intentions of the words are revealed.
Now on to the next one which I think made me the most angry; found this one about picking cotton on the page of someone of color as well. And all below the picture was laughter and comments of *N this and N that* making references to house/field slaves and pleasing “masa”. It’s completely assaying
*the last one wasnt that shocking*


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