Wait, What?! Ohio School Bans Afro Puff & Braids!

Once again, I found more foolishness in the world….
How in the hell can you BAN a person from wearing their hair the way it grows out of their freaking head??? Not to mention that they are technically contradicting themselves; bullet four says “hair must look natural…” but bullet six says “No afro puffs or small braided twists” but then scroll down to bullet fourteen and it says “beads ARE acceptable…”??? First of all what in the world are you even going to put those beads on if you’re not allowed to have braids? and Secondly……seriously????
And I get that maybe you don’t want to influence faddish behavior which can in turn lead to other problems among the youth but in all seriousness;
You damn people have lost it!
How are you a predominantly Black school not allowing students to embrace their roots? This is how self-hatred starts people….


black-natural-hairThe Lorain Horizon Science Academy in Ohio recently released a letter to students’ parents about their dress code and the new restrictions their students face. Personal appearance at school as always been a slippery slope. While you don’t want students to feel they cannot express themselves, you also have to lay down ground rules as to not cause too many disturbances among students in regards to the clothes they where and how their personal style shines through.

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I certainly agree with a lot of the stipulations they have laid out, but once my eyes landed on these bullet points, I was immediately taken aback.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.54.16 PM No one can bleach or dye their hair and not only that, but the Black girls in the school are not allowed to wear their hair natural or…

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