I Meant to Post This Earlier…


So I totally meant to post this earlier; like last week when it happened but oh well, I’ll tell you know before I hit the sheets

Up until that moment last week, I had it dead set in my mind that I was ready to start thinking about giving up <notice I was said ‘ready to start thinking’>.  But anyway, I was just really starting to feel like I was only wasting my time with a pipedream…And I know I’ve had this same debate over and over again and gotten down on myself because I’ve hit a few ‘hundred’ bumps in the road; but this time was pretty serious.  I was standing on the ledge looking down and there wasn’t a safety net…I was ready to jump

But then it happened.  One of the nurses {not my supervisor} was kind enough to let me observe an incoming trauma.  She told me to prepare myself and I couldn’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store…and when I walked behind that curtain life itself stopped.  It was like one of those moments in a movie when everything around you stops or slows down and everything for that moment is just focused.  It was a rush; like an ultimate high <and of course I can compare the two since I’ve experienced such things>. 

I tried to explain it to my friends later how amazed I was but they didn’t get it…But I wouldn’t expect them too.  In that moment as I watched these people trying desperately to save this man’s life I remembered why it was I wanted to go into the field.  All of my regret and doubt were out the window; and while I still struggle with some frustrations it doesn’t even matter because…..well I guess you just had to be there…..


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