Howard University Vice Chair: Howard Could Shut Down In Three Years

It is true I am a student at Alabama State University and we have our own problems; but seeing as to how Howard University was my FIRST love I have this to say:
I read this and a piece of me literally died….THE MECCA of all HBCUs……
This can not be happening people….like what the hell is going on in the world? Too many of our schools are closing or merging as is but this is too much. If I live to see the day that Howard University is no longer a functioning institution I will truly no longer know what to do with my life….and I will for all intensive purposes have lost all hope in humanity and my Black people….

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Is Howard University on the verge of closing its doors?

According to the Huffington Post, in a letter sent to her fellow Howard University board of trustee members, vice chairwoman Renee Higginbotham-Brooks warned that without immediate changes to management and leadership, the school could shut down for good.

The letter was leaked to the Chronicle of Higher Education, who published it on their website.

In the letter, dated April 24th, Higginbotham-Brooks wrote: “Howard will not be here in three years if we don’t make some crucial decisions now.”

Some of the decisions she suggested Howard University make were changes in leadership. Higginbotham-Brooks called for “a vote of no confidence in both the Chairman of the Board and the president.”

In the letter, Higginbotham-Brooks cites the lack of a fundraising infrastructure, the decline in student enrollment, and the expected decline in federal support as important issues need to be addressed.


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