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Soooooo… I strolled on my Instagram timeline this morning I found these pictures….shocking I know
The foolishness is set to continue. So lets discuss what I found shall we? First I found the Paula Dean picture (-_-) posted by a person of color who seemed to think it was hilarious
And then I scrolled down further and saw the one of the Caucasian individual who for some reason felt as though she could give a better insight on the topic of the N word *have no idea why* and I hate to sound a certain way right now but at the moment I feel some kind of way (my thoughts aren’t organized so prepare for a rant)….you see world ‘people’ are always try and state their claims preaching that “times have changed” and “they’re just words” or my favorite “get over it already”. Some people may choose to accept the blissfulness of ignorance but the fact will still remain, nothing has changed….if it had we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation now would we? And yes it is true; these may just be words….until that one person takes it too far and the true intentions of the words are revealed.
Now on to the next one which I think made me the most angry; found this one about picking cotton on the page of someone of color as well. And all below the picture was laughter and comments of *N this and N that* making references to house/field slaves and pleasing “masa”. It’s completely assaying
*the last one wasnt that shocking*


…..i feel some kind of way



Sooooo…..I finally tuned in to TBS’s new “hit” (and I use that word sparingly) tv series entitled: Deon Cole’s Black Box…..this was my face as i watched in discuss <partially because I was under the impression that he was actually going to be talking about something relevant; I did not know until pressing the info button far later than i should have that this was instead a ‘comedy’>

I was ‘fortunate’ enough to witness as my first episode the ‘discussion’ of Paula Dean’s recent scandal, Watermelon Oreos, and my absolute favorite “Black Power Bars”.  After killing five minutes of my brain cells with this HIGHLY offensive material I have basically one thing to say to sum this up; ‘seriously…..’ It may be due to my ‘sheltered’ upbringing or maybe I missed the memo on what was considered acceptable in society….Black society; but based off of these first 5 minutes Deon Cole has proven to be yet ANOTHER pain in the side of the Black identity/culture/community.  

However….in an attempt to avoid further loss of my much needed brain cells by thinking about this nonsense any longer, I will not go into any further detail to describe the foolishness I just witnessed.  But I will close with this….”Not Cool Dude; Not Cool At All.”

Real Quick

So real quick; recall yesterday I posted about how I was trying out naturally homemade toothpaste?

Well I just looked in the mirror as I was about to brush my teeth for the night and my ‘pearly whites’ were no longer their usual white color; they were starting to look a bit tinted if you catch my drift…..long story short; I am officially a quitter.  Had to go back to my regular stuff real quick *cause I can’t be tryin to holla at no body with my grill lookin a hot mess* lol

But on the real though; imma keep lookin for other techniques and stuff but if anybody out there is making their own stuff and it #1 doesn’t taste like crap but most importantly #2 actually keeps/makes your teeth white, hmu (hit me up) I’d love to know your trick.  

Wait, What?! Ohio School Bans Afro Puff & Braids!

Once again, I found more foolishness in the world….
How in the hell can you BAN a person from wearing their hair the way it grows out of their freaking head??? Not to mention that they are technically contradicting themselves; bullet four says “hair must look natural…” but bullet six says “No afro puffs or small braided twists” but then scroll down to bullet fourteen and it says “beads ARE acceptable…”??? First of all what in the world are you even going to put those beads on if you’re not allowed to have braids? and Secondly……seriously????
And I get that maybe you don’t want to influence faddish behavior which can in turn lead to other problems among the youth but in all seriousness;
You damn people have lost it!
How are you a predominantly Black school not allowing students to embrace their roots? This is how self-hatred starts people….


black-natural-hairThe Lorain Horizon Science Academy in Ohio recently released a letter to students’ parents about their dress code and the new restrictions their students face. Personal appearance at school as always been a slippery slope. While you don’t want students to feel they cannot express themselves, you also have to lay down ground rules as to not cause too many disturbances among students in regards to the clothes they where and how their personal style shines through.

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I certainly agree with a lot of the stipulations they have laid out, but once my eyes landed on these bullet points, I was immediately taken aback.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.54.16 PM No one can bleach or dye their hair and not only that, but the Black girls in the school are not allowed to wear their hair natural or…

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I Meant to Post This Earlier…


So I totally meant to post this earlier; like last week when it happened but oh well, I’ll tell you know before I hit the sheets

Up until that moment last week, I had it dead set in my mind that I was ready to start thinking about giving up <notice I was said ‘ready to start thinking’>.  But anyway, I was just really starting to feel like I was only wasting my time with a pipedream…And I know I’ve had this same debate over and over again and gotten down on myself because I’ve hit a few ‘hundred’ bumps in the road; but this time was pretty serious.  I was standing on the ledge looking down and there wasn’t a safety net…I was ready to jump

But then it happened.  One of the nurses {not my supervisor} was kind enough to let me observe an incoming trauma.  She told me to prepare myself and I couldn’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store…and when I walked behind that curtain life itself stopped.  It was like one of those moments in a movie when everything around you stops or slows down and everything for that moment is just focused.  It was a rush; like an ultimate high <and of course I can compare the two since I’ve experienced such things>. 

I tried to explain it to my friends later how amazed I was but they didn’t get it…But I wouldn’t expect them too.  In that moment as I watched these people trying desperately to save this man’s life I remembered why it was I wanted to go into the field.  All of my regret and doubt were out the window; and while I still struggle with some frustrations it doesn’t even matter because…..well I guess you just had to be there…..

Howard University Vice Chair: Howard Could Shut Down In Three Years

It is true I am a student at Alabama State University and we have our own problems; but seeing as to how Howard University was my FIRST love I have this to say:
I read this and a piece of me literally died….THE MECCA of all HBCUs……
This can not be happening people….like what the hell is going on in the world? Too many of our schools are closing or merging as is but this is too much. If I live to see the day that Howard University is no longer a functioning institution I will truly no longer know what to do with my life….and I will for all intensive purposes have lost all hope in humanity and my Black people….

Black America Web

Is Howard University on the verge of closing its doors?

According to the Huffington Post, in a letter sent to her fellow Howard University board of trustee members, vice chairwoman Renee Higginbotham-Brooks warned that without immediate changes to management and leadership, the school could shut down for good.

The letter was leaked to the Chronicle of Higher Education, who published it on their website.

In the letter, dated April 24th, Higginbotham-Brooks wrote: “Howard will not be here in three years if we don’t make some crucial decisions now.”

Some of the decisions she suggested Howard University make were changes in leadership. Higginbotham-Brooks called for “a vote of no confidence in both the Chairman of the Board and the president.”

In the letter, Higginbotham-Brooks cites the lack of a fundraising infrastructure, the decline in student enrollment, and the expected decline in federal support as important issues need to be addressed.


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Cooking in the Kitchen with Dina

Well world; I’m on a health binge <have been for a while now> But anywho, along with my already long list of things I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle; I am continuing to add stuff as we speak.  Last year I got into using more natural products no only in my body but on my body as well <food, cosmetics, meds, etc.> anything that looked like it should be in my organic chemistry book was not coming anywhere near by well decorated temple.

But to get to the nitty-gritty; recently I finally got around to experimenting with making my own toothpaste.  First batch yesterday: tasted absolutely horrible and was a tad bit too watery <however, after I used it my teeth felt totally clean>… worries though, today I made a new batch…still tasted horrible, just not as horrible, and my teeth still feel amazing afterwards.  I am concerned about if I will get the same whitening effect though or if my color will fade since I’m no longer using the fluoride infused one.

Next on my list of things to try making for myself is mouthwash and deodorant <and of course I have to perfect my toothpaste creation>