From finger paints to Picasso

I’m gonna make this one short folks….


I was reading something just now about how a child in elementary school had a 4.0 for the second semester in a row (let me also point out that this child was a first grader).  While I am always one to support those who excel in academics I think that this is kind of ridiculous.

First of all because there is even a grading system like this in elementary school….like seriously.  Even now, I look back at report cards from kindergarten and there was actually grades on there; not just comments a simple Pass/Fail, but legit grades *Of course I had all A’s but still*  Why at that low of a level should GPAs even matter?  I can’t even truly wrap my mind around it mattering in middle school quite honestly.  

I think grades should only become relevant really in high school and college when you need them for scholarship purpose.  I mean seriously?  If i was in elementary school or middle school still and somebody told me ‘you need to maintain a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale’ Id look at them mofos like they was crazy.  What ever happened to giving a smiley face sticker and keeping it moving?  Or for every good report you do you got a golden sticker; to be rewarded at the end of the term?  

These people sitting here stressing they’re kids out trying to live they’re dreams through them.  ‘Little Johnny has to keep a 4.0 all throughout elementary school so he can get into the BEST Law School in the country’  

Forget that junk man…its nice to have dreams for your children and its good to want to see them excel in areas; especially if you know you didn’t but in all honesty I think it’s getting a little out of hand; children are losing their essence.

*and I think I pretty much lost the angle I was trying to go for but oh well…*



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