Dating Myself


So I had made up my mind that I was going to go see The Great Gatsby <even if i had to go alone>  …Long story short I ended up going by myself.  And this wasn’t a problem; I was gonna take myself out on a ‘date’.  So I got all dressed up in my best hipster clothes (because apparently I’m a hipster now, more to come later) and I proceeded to leave out on my fabulous date <an damn it i looked good>.  Anyhow, I got to the movies and was walking up looking for my id card and realized I didn’t even have my debit card…silly me so I went back home

But the dates not over <just had to wait for the next show>  Anyway, finally got back out to the movies and whatnot.  It wasn’t half bad actually.  I’d seen the original and read the book in high school so I was trying to remember everything.  This newer version though made me think more along the lines of a “Summer love story” than what I remember; made me kinda wish I could have something like that for a minute.  I will say the end part sucked though <not like legit though, just what happened to homeboy>  (I don’t remember Gatsby dying in the original though) but anyhow has anybody else ever noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio characters always get the short end of the stick in love movies?  *homeboy froze to death in Titanic cause Rose was being selfish and he got shot in this one cause Daisy didn’t know what she wanted….I say there’s a connection here with women named after flowers…*  But anyhow; the movie was good though; I recommend it to be seen; especially if you’ve seen the original and read the book; might draw a closer connection if you couldn’t relate before.  


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