The Day That Shit Got Real…



So world; today the AMCAS application opened up to the general public.  Today I also officially failed my Organic 2 Class…..As I was sitting there contemplating my life in my head as I signed in to the AMCAS application; I got stressed out all over again….You see world, this won’t be my first time in this predicament…Sadly, I am a “repeat offender”.  I mainly worry because this puts me in an even worse situation for ROTC; I got three times to retake any class and I get the boot <not to mention all the other things that follow that> But I’m really upset about it though; This it the one thing I want to do in life for real and right about now; its being put in jeopardy cause I can’t get my ish together *sigh*  I only hope i got kick ass MCAT scores <which I also have reason to doubt>  

To my knowledgeable people out there: do you think I still have a chance?  Be honest  but no ignorance please (you ain’t even bout that life shawty *in my gangsta voice*) 

Idk man….its just really hard out here for a pimp.  and people say don’t blame the teachers but i say “Fuck that shit” cause this time the teacher really did fail me <no pun intended> and of course I know i share the blame too cause i wasn’t on my shit like i was supposed to be but still….but for reals though, to know that you actually were trying, even if it wasn’t as hard as you could….it hurts a bit

next semester i will (OFFICIALLY) be a senior; which means I have to have my life together 100%; im gonna definitely meditate on it too cause [this-right-here-is-not—-swag] *in my Soulja Boi voice*


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