Dear bitch…

To the bitch that ‘teaches’ organic chemistry; whose class I mistakenly signed up for….FUCK YOU, and I sincerely and Truely hate your freaking guts….and you better prey i dont ever see you in the street after hours cause if I do, it’s over for you. #TrueShit
So let me tell you what happened in a nutshell world. I’ve been unfortunate enough to have a teacher that’s first of all, dumb as fuck.
(And I may be a little bit more hostile than usual because I’m failing the class but world; there’s more to it than that)
If you see a student is struggling and if that student comes to you on more than one account expressing concern, wouldn’t the polite and logical thing to do be to help that student get a better grasp on the subject? Correct me if I’m wrong…and not only that; yesterday I emailed this woman one last time basically asking her if there was any extra work I could do to raise my grade….she didnt even answer my question, just played dumb like she didnt know what was happening….of course I’m not gonna go too far into a tangent cause today some more ignorant shit went down.
So I had to work in a group for my final microbiology paper (which I didn’t want to do for my own personal reasons but my group insisted) now keep in mind that before today (the due date) we had had this assignment for a month.
Now not only did I get stuck with a dud group, but today as I was gettin ready to turn in the paper one of the girls (who didn’t do anything really in the paper) approached me like “did you finish the paper” (obviously I have it in my hands) “let me see it”….so of course I realize that this simple bitch is tryin to check me Lowkey; tryin to make sure I did stuff right….
How TF you can’t even put together two simple ass paragraphs but wanna check me?!? Does that make any sense? Then the other day we in the library, in fixing stuff, not to mention the sorry excuse for a conclusion she gave me and she wait til I’m literally getting up to leave and ask if I need help….it took everything in me not to choke that ho…

*i need to hurry up and go home before I go to jail*


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