Guess Who’s Back *Eminem Voice*

Welp; it’s about that time world!  I’m finally back from my slight hiatus (I think that’s the word I mean to use, if not oh well.  I know what I mean)

Anywho, I was looking on here to try and see where I last left you in this adventure of mine called life.  And if my records are correct we last spoke around Easter.  Well not much has really happened since then but I guess I will tell you these juicy details *but a lady doesn’t kiss and tell so I can’t reveal every detail this time*. 

Let’s see, I guess I will start by disclosing the AWESOME surprise that I finally crossed over into the promised land the other week (for those of you who may be culturally challenged, that simply means that I am now a part of a sorority now) and also that on this past Saturday that I took my MCAT (hopefully I will be able to wear one of those lovely shirts that say “I survived the MCAT”) but just to touch on that subject while i’m on it….shit was NO JOKE *end quote* 

“lets see….what else happened”….well dang.  I guess that’s really it world.  My life is kinda lame if you haven’t noticed yet.  But its cool though, hopefully I will have uber awesome stories to tell this summer (I get released for good behavior next week for 3 months) 🙂

OOOOOOH…..I just realized what else I could disclose, its not anything juicy or whatever, just something weird that happened Sunday morning as I was trying to escape the grasps of my ‘weekend squatter’ to go meet with my group to work on this paper [*side note* they totally suck; we supposed to be working on a paper as a group and they didn’t even bother to show up; I coulda been still in bed…told my teacher today I wasn’t working with them no more, damn paper due in 1 day]: so we’re laying there after my alarm has gone off for the third time and this man rolls over, kisses me on the cheek and pulls me back in towards him; wouldn’t have been a big deal if this kinda thing was normal *which it wasnt* so im left layin there staring up at the ceiling like “TF!?!?…did I miss something” meh; just a random that I thought i’d share    

~stay tune for more~


What’s your lifestyle diet?

Eat Green Cake

Came across this interesiting chart Frites & Fries

I think they’ve missed out a column for some ingredients like nuts and honey; and also a few other categories like the rawvegan/ paleo/ blood type diets! But it still serves as a pretty good overview to the different types of labels there are out there. Plus, I’m a sucker for charts haha


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