Road Rage


So as many of you may already be aware of, I have an immense anger management problem. As a result I also have a really bad road rage problem, which my need for speed does not help. Long story short, today I was on my way home from school and needless to say a bunch of people woulda been getting chopped in the throat if I had seen them in the street (or if we hadn’t been on the highway)
I just don’t understand people. Half of them shouldn’t have even been driving….yea old people; I’m talking to you. People driving 50 in an 80 zone; then you had those people that kept riding their brakes stepping on them every 10 seconds. Not to mention the people driving extra slow but when you try to pass them they wanna speed up.
….but world you’ll be proud of me; I kept my cool the whole time; didn’t run anybody off the road or nothin *a lot of words slipped but that’s about it*


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