The New Kid

So I’m new to Buddhism and I have a whole bunch of questions!!!!
I need mando help world!!!
I would be asking a mentor or something but apparently the city of Montgomery felt the need to list a bunch of temples online and in the phone books and remove them without telling anybody…
So I’m utilizing my resources. Here are my questions:

1) what are my limitations on ‘acceptance’ of other religions? Am I allowed to be in churches? Can I take my religious materials into other religious places?
2) I attend an HBCU in the south and it’s common for them to pray before they do everything. What is appropriate for me to do during times like this?
3) how do I go about explaining my preferences to a significant other so that they better understand what it is I’m doing and so that they are more tolerant?
4) since I don’t have a mentor or teacher of my own how should I to about my studying habits?

*please help*
Thank you world!!!


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