A Tale of Entrapment

I think it’s hilarious how certain things in life work out…absolutely freakin hilarious… And they said karma was a bitch but I didn’t wanna believe it. So as I look at this situation I’m not even remotely angry; and I used to be, but not anymore…no, now all I do is laugh. Because if you sit and look at it all over a span of time it really is funny.
Here’s how I look at it: I have dudes basically begging me to give them a chance, but I was still hung up on him so my answer was always ‘no’ and I could basically get any dude I wanted if I actually wanted to but for some unknown reason I didn’t want to because I only wanted him. And I still don’t understand how this; whatever this is, works….I’m known around campus for greatness, keep my grades up, and even make every effort to look half way decent on a regular basis.
He cheated then tried to be a little bitch about it instead of fixing it and I still wanted to be with him (obviously a HUGE mistake on my part) Because its been over a year into whatever this is and he still trippin….
And what kills me the most is he swear he don’t wanna be in a ‘relationship’ except he’s basically already committed hisself to one. Idk….it’s just uber funny to me man.
But world, it’s strange cause everytime I get up to go I always find myself trapped in his grasp. And the shits totally not cool or fair…so as I sit here now contemplating putting all his shit n a big ass ziplock bag and telling him not to come back over here anymore that damn footage from every other good time we’ve had keeps playing over and over again in my head….

*so I guess I can’t possibly let go just yet*



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