Defining Love.

What precisely is love? As a parent it is to cherish, hold dear and protect. As a child it is attachment and need that grows into feelings of affection. Then feelings of longing for and desiring things begins, children know how to love without reservation. Some never grow out of these wanting ways. Their love matures into innocent romantic love, maturing into deep emotions of sexual attraction and intense desire. These feelings are reptilian impulses that need conscious thought to control them. Without mutual understanding and caring fondness it is not love, but lust. Lasting love endures with trust, unselfishly caring and sharing all life’s experiences, the joys and sorrows, helping in every way to promote a priceless friendship.

As time passes it is a universal truth that all things change, love is no exception. Like all things without care and attention love will fade and die. Lovelorn…

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    • It just stood out to me; as a young person trying to find and define myself I think love is a key factor in it all and its important to be able to differentiate between love and something that’s only ‘like love’.

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