Hipster notions on valentines day

I’m on my hipster swag hard today for valentines day. I woke up and threw on my combat boots and my red skull earrings (along with a sundress and my Cosby sweater) *cant walk out the house naked*
I walked the office and world behold I have a basket sitting the from a ‘secret admirer’ who is really just my ex (which reminds me I have an additional story about what he did the other day too; ill probably just put it in the comment section though…feel free to comment on it)
But anyway; this evening to continue my day of hipster notions, I plan on attending a mixer with the football players and then later drinking until I get my accent back, watching Waiting to Exhale, and of course setting some shit on fire *not cause I’m bitter or anything; I just really like setting stuff on fire*



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