This Must Be Some Kind of Sick Joke….

So this past weekend, I took yet another practice MCAT test.  Shit was rediculous to say the least.  I did however manage to do better on this one than I did on the last one.  But still no close to  the 30 I want. 

But today, sitting in my organic chemistry class, I couldn’t help but feel like getting up and punching my professor in the throat….I feel like the system has failed me miserably.  Why the hell do we have a ‘pre-med’ curriculium if it’s not going to properly prepare us for these tests???  Idk, maybe its just at my school.  But I can’t help but notice that everything I’ve learned in these classes that these people have told us is supposed to be on the MCAT didn’t show up not once on any of the practice tests I’ve taken….and if i see one more fuckin mechanism I’m gonna go to jail…


I just stopped at Starbucks real quick for a drink; as I’m getting out my car a man pulls up beside me…

“excuse me miss.  I’m trying to gather up the rest of the money to pay for my nine month old baby’s seizure medication….I only need $18 more dollars.  By the graces of God would you be able to help me?”

now first of all as soon as i opened my car door i smelled the weed coming from this man’s car.  and secondly when i stood up and looked inside to see who was talking to me, not only did i not see a car seat; but there was a bunch of pillows in the back seat.  of course there was something that looked like a diaper bag in the front seat though. 

I was hesitant at first to even step towards his car because: its the middle of the night and I’m the only Black person in the middle of a basically empty parking lot…but then i remembered all the stores around me had windows and people inside could see me. 

so i was like “sorry i don’t have any cash on me” *which was true* “let me check my car real quick”  I found like $5 and gave it to him…i just felt really bad that he had to do all that just to get a couple of extra bucks….especially if it was just to get his next fix.

Spilling the Beans (Research Journal)

“Why did the hipster barista burn his mouth on coffee?”

“Because he drank it before it was cool!”


This article caught my attention recently:

Just over 1700 people applied for 3 full time and 5 part time positions at Costa Coffee?

That is both terrifying and really depressing. (For Canadian readers, Costa Coffee is a UK based chain, like Second Cup, only owned by a brewery).

The article suggests that the job vacancies were so popular because being a Barista is now cool and fashionable. Beware the rise of the Hipster Barista! I disagree though. I think this is just demonstrative of the utter desperation of the rising number of unemployed and underemployed young people in the UK. Apparently Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Wankers and Penpushers Work and Pensions was asked to comment on this, and the smug prick said the applicants should “learn…

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Defining Love.

What precisely is love? As a parent it is to cherish, hold dear and protect. As a child it is attachment and need that grows into feelings of affection. Then feelings of longing for and desiring things begins, children know how to love without reservation. Some never grow out of these wanting ways. Their love matures into innocent romantic love, maturing into deep emotions of sexual attraction and intense desire. These feelings are reptilian impulses that need conscious thought to control them. Without mutual understanding and caring fondness it is not love, but lust. Lasting love endures with trust, unselfishly caring and sharing all life’s experiences, the joys and sorrows, helping in every way to promote a priceless friendship.

As time passes it is a universal truth that all things change, love is no exception. Like all things without care and attention love will fade and die. Lovelorn…

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