I don’t even know what to call this one

People really annoy me man…. I’m trying my hardest, really I am especially since I’m on my path to enlightenment
But people are trying my patience. I need to cut the fat. But then there’s the whole thing about tolerance and being the bigger person and all this other stuff
But at the moment; fuck that shit
I’m bout to chop this bitch in the fuckin throat. She always talkin shit; think she bad just cause she from the fuckin projects? Fuck that shit bruh
Always sayin what she gonna do to people but be the first one start cryjn like a little bitch when she get her feelings hurt. talkin about people, and bein ignorant and extra; get on my fuckin nerves
She talkin shit right now; always tryin to add her two cents. Tryin to talk about some other girl, she stink her damn self then had the audacity to ask why she don’t have a boyfriend…I wonder why?
Hateful ass needy ass bitch….

*its fine I know what goes around comes around*
…I’m the only friend she got anyway


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