So I finally got a boot put on my car….
Know what that means? Time for revenge!
Like these people make me fuckin sick! We gotta pay $70 already for a damn parking decal but we still not safe, oh no we can’t even run in a building for 1 minute without worrying about getting a boot…. School always tryin to make some fuckin money
But it’s on now; who ever spot 014 belongs to better watch out. They messed with the wrong damn one….
But here’s the kicker, I just ran into the cop that booted me at family dollar, he tried to explain “u just got the boot of your car? I know you ROTC kids be out there in the morning so I don’t bother nobody really…the lady who was parked next to you…that was her spot you parked in. She saw me and stopped me and told me to boot your car she work in that building you were parked at. Just try not to park over there anymore…” I guess he was tryin to apologize…don’t worry Mr. Policeman you’re safe; for now
*its about to go down*


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