Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

“Take a look around….look to your left and now look to your right. By the Time you leave this place the the two people standing here next to you will be merely a memory.”
You always hear this when you begin something big. I heard it when I first got to college, i heard it in rotc, I heard it at field training, and ill hear it again in medical school. You try like hell to beat the odds but it always happens anyway.
I was reminded of this the other day as I walked through campus and remembered all of the people I used to call ‘friend’ that some how just seemed to vanish; all for various reasons.
A lot of them since I’ve been in college just dropped out and dropped off the radar. We occasionally speak online but it’s always usually awkward. Then there’s the ones that are still in school but they just stopped speaking. One such example I come across everyday. We were all cool until he became a model, then we became yesterday’s news. It’s funny how people change really when they get new titles….it’s really a shame.
And then of course there’s the legit reason of classes and other college commitments getting in the way. Which is the category that I have become partial to. Getting deeper into my major and gaining more responsibilities around campus. My friends barely see me as much as they used to (and they’re always sure to tell me) but I do my best.
I don’t plan on leaving the little people behind



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