Parking lot tale….

So last night I ventured over to dollar tree to get some things. Upon arriving in the parking lot and parking my car I discovered that i was next to a van full of children. (Mind you it’s 9:00 at night and we’re not it the best part of town)
Anyway I got out of my car and right away I heard them yelling all kids if obscene words and just acting crazy in general. Another one of the children they had kicked out of the car and he was standing on the outside punching the door and cursing. Around the parking lot stood a couple other college students and there was one woman parked in her car; all of them just watching…there was no telling how long they had been out there.
Well I went in the store because after all I was on a mission. I was probably in there for a good 45 minutes but guess what? When I came back outside they were still at it. As I got in my car the security pulls up and begins to question the children and just as he’s getting out of his car their mother comes back….
Things like this really agitate me; especially when it’s members if the Black community acting like this (which it was)

*shits just an abomination*




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