Foulest shit ever

So the other day I witnessed like the foulest shit ever….
Keep in mind while reading this that we have all been away from this city for the past month; you will surely be just as discussed as I am. Now as soon as we opened the door we were hit with the pungent smell of grossness; went in the kitchen and discovered bags of trash that had been left rotting food on the counters and in the fridge….shit is just disrespectful man. So when we decided to take out the trash there was mold growing on the ground where the bag had been sitting.
But wait cause it get worse. They broke in her room to get somethin and it was just as bad in there man
There was cups with stuff growing in them everywhere.
Now this woman is basically the oldest out of all of us but is this gross; just a tragic day man….
But here’s the worst part of that whole day though (when I finally got to my room) one of my roommates decided to leave her used pad on the side of the tub; it wasnt for a whole month though fortunately. But i had to hold my pee for 6 hours -_-*



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