Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

Lets talk about people who cheat….

First of all, let me just say, “dude seriously?”
I this morning in microbiology I couldn’t help but notice that the girl next to me was busy scribbling down notes on miniature pieces of paper for her physics test. People like this always amuse me. If u have enough time to concoct a plan like this, u should theoretically have time enough to study right? Maybe it’s just me…but I now I’m far too lazy to take the time to try and cheat on a test that I’m probably just gonna fail anyway; I’d rather just suffer through the pain staking task of flipping through text books and notes until I fall asleep. But that’s just me.

There’s some more stuff I’ve been meaning to say about the other kind of Cheater but that’s for a whole other blog discussion


One missed call

I’m gonna go ahead and diagnose myself with an anxiety disorder.
I been waitin on my phone to ring with a very important call since yesterday. Every time it does ring though its someone else or a text message. Like my best friend just texted me and I had a mini heart attack; had to sit myself down on the floor for a minute
*I’m spazzin out big time*
Hope I get the call

I don’t even know what to call this one

People really annoy me man…. I’m trying my hardest, really I am especially since I’m on my path to enlightenment
But people are trying my patience. I need to cut the fat. But then there’s the whole thing about tolerance and being the bigger person and all this other stuff
But at the moment; fuck that shit
I’m bout to chop this bitch in the fuckin throat. She always talkin shit; think she bad just cause she from the fuckin projects? Fuck that shit bruh
Always sayin what she gonna do to people but be the first one start cryjn like a little bitch when she get her feelings hurt. talkin about people, and bein ignorant and extra; get on my fuckin nerves
She talkin shit right now; always tryin to add her two cents. Tryin to talk about some other girl, she stink her damn self then had the audacity to ask why she don’t have a boyfriend…I wonder why?
Hateful ass needy ass bitch….

*its fine I know what goes around comes around*
…I’m the only friend she got anyway

This weekend

So it’s Saturday night…my brother was supposed to show up but didn’t so we were all totally bored sittin in my room looking at each other.
I decided to make pie. But when that was done we were bored again
“Let’s get some weed”
So we did. We called the first guy but he didn’t have anymore so we called the second guy, this fool didn’t even know what a nickel was…what kinda weedman is that? (By the way this is the same weedman from my previous weedman story)
But we finally got some though and went To the park; had a major dance party. Then we went to this house warming party….worst decision ever
See we wasn’t really feeling out high by this time but when it started getting a little better they basically ruined it…not only that; we were promised alcohol, we walked in and a baby starin at us…TF?!?
So we dipped outta there quick and hit up McDonalds. But in the mists of our meal a bunch of high school kids came. Like it was legit at least like 50 of them. The ones behind us were the most hilarious they were having a full out soap opera man. He was cheatin on her with her cousin and had the nerve to sit with them at the table too! It was too funny. The fact that we was high didn’t make it any better either.
So after we left from there we went to the hookah bar. My other brother was in town with some of his friends from school so we dropped in to say hi. It was really cool in there too, woulda stayed but it was way to crowded so we dipped yet again. Then decided to hit up this house party on the other side of town. We finally got to the apartments and drove around in circles looking for the right one. When we found that. It didn’t look like much of a party; especially when we drove past the door and it was just like 3 people sittin on the floor eating pizza. Uber disappointed man. So we left….
Then we got the idea to do weird stuff in a hotel *not like that, get your mind out the gutter*
But when we tried to get in me failed to remember that they locked the doors after a certain time. So all 4 of us is just standing there looking at the door and we all look up and the guy at the front counter is starring at us….quite awkward. We left there headed back to campus. thats where chinese fire drills come into play. Shit was hilarious! the most funny one was when one of them decided to jump out before the car fully stopped. i like leaned all the way over trying to grab her. then this crazy person still tyin to do it! so we finished that up and got to campus And sat in my car for like 2 hours fogged up the windows and junk talkin about randomness.
*very random night*


So I finally got a boot put on my car….
Know what that means? Time for revenge!
Like these people make me fuckin sick! We gotta pay $70 already for a damn parking decal but we still not safe, oh no we can’t even run in a building for 1 minute without worrying about getting a boot…. School always tryin to make some fuckin money
But it’s on now; who ever spot 014 belongs to better watch out. They messed with the wrong damn one….
But here’s the kicker, I just ran into the cop that booted me at family dollar, he tried to explain “u just got the boot of your car? I know you ROTC kids be out there in the morning so I don’t bother nobody really…the lady who was parked next to you…that was her spot you parked in. She saw me and stopped me and told me to boot your car she work in that building you were parked at. Just try not to park over there anymore…” I guess he was tryin to apologize…don’t worry Mr. Policeman you’re safe; for now
*its about to go down*

World Peace

So I’m sitting here watching the news (since I have nothing else to do with my life)
And they’ve been talking about the same stuff the whole time dealing with world relations. North Korea this, Iran that, Middle East this…. It’s really all ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing about all this.
What they need to do is this: next time they have a United Nations meeting everybody just needs to bring their perspective drugs from their countries and they just need to all get stoned. Like seriously though, imagine all o the world leaders on drugs for even just one day. All of the worlds problems would be over.
How can you legit have beef wit someone after you roll up wit them?
Idk….it makes sense in my head though they should give it a try.


Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

“Take a look around….look to your left and now look to your right. By the Time you leave this place the the two people standing here next to you will be merely a memory.”
You always hear this when you begin something big. I heard it when I first got to college, i heard it in rotc, I heard it at field training, and ill hear it again in medical school. You try like hell to beat the odds but it always happens anyway.
I was reminded of this the other day as I walked through campus and remembered all of the people I used to call ‘friend’ that some how just seemed to vanish; all for various reasons.
A lot of them since I’ve been in college just dropped out and dropped off the radar. We occasionally speak online but it’s always usually awkward. Then there’s the ones that are still in school but they just stopped speaking. One such example I come across everyday. We were all cool until he became a model, then we became yesterday’s news. It’s funny how people change really when they get new titles….it’s really a shame.
And then of course there’s the legit reason of classes and other college commitments getting in the way. Which is the category that I have become partial to. Getting deeper into my major and gaining more responsibilities around campus. My friends barely see me as much as they used to (and they’re always sure to tell me) but I do my best.
I don’t plan on leaving the little people behind