Spring Break 2K13

So this year for spring break we finally made a decision and we’re going to New Orleans.  Its my turn to plan the trip and I’m getting the essentials but now it seems as though I’m in a predicament.  I need to find somewhere for us to stay for a week.  So it occurred to me that I could venture out and seek the advice of others.  That being said: anyone have any suggestions on where to stay?  And which one do you think would be cheaper, a hotel or a bed and breakfast?  We’re not driving down there so I would prefer if we were in a hotel as close to ‘stuff’ as possible <preferably the French Quarter>.  Keep in mind that we are college students [the struggle is real man]. 

But yea, any input is quite appreciated. 

*Thanks a bunch*


One thought on “Spring Break 2K13

  1. Best place to stay is at the Olivier House. It’s a half-block off Bourbon, but at a distance to jam a nap in before going out again. It’s in the center of the French Quarter walking distance to everything. Awesome people who work there, true NOLA place, unless you are looking for a bigger hotel, try the Hotel Monteleone (incredible pool) but it’s spendy. Also, check the Hotel St. Marie. Olivier house is not but it has style but if you are used to the Hilton, Marriot or some place that has no character than don’t stay here. All depends what you’re into.

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