Inspire me to write poetry so I know its real…

I wanna fall asleep in your arms and wake up to you kissing my body in its entireity from head to toe; holdin on to me so tight I don’t ever wanna get up and go

But I digress…

Because a relationship build solely on sexual desires will last only as long as that last orgasism

I wanna know that we’re connecting on a level that to the naked eye is non-existant


When the police finally arrest me for protesting will you be sharing that seat with me in the back of the patrol car?

If I was Jack and you was Rose would you have come back for me; because of the principle ‘if I jump you jump’?

Even though its cold outside, would you still go with me to the park at night to play on the playground?

But most importantly, would you grease my scalp for me?

I’m hoping that you’ll say yes, so that I know its real

Because as I’m using you body for my pillow and you’re whispering in my ear….

I just wanted to know that today, you inspired me to write poetry


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