Memoirs of a Girl Child

They’ve been preparing us since day one for this role they claim we must fulfill

Since the moment that little symbol on that little stick popped up, they were plotting and planning

Ballet at age three and what song we’ll walk down the isle to in our wedding.

We are the daughters; the sparkle in their eye.

Or at least that’s what we’re told until that day arrives

When we no longer want to follow the rules; we choose to rebel instead

No more pink ponies and daffodils on our heads

She would read me stories about princess and all that

But she never told me that one day I’d be going back to black

They tried to make me go to rehab cause I’d rather play with Tonka; tried to brainwash me cause I saw something wrong with beauty pageants sponsored by Honda for toddlers who couldn’t even spell their own name…

Now ain’t that a shame

Not taking this for a game, but whenever they ask I always say I’d rather stay the same


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