So I’m trying to get into medical school coming up here shortly….I have been studying for the dreaded MCAT for about a year now and I finally decided to start taking practice tests.  Long story short, I just spent 4 hours of my life taking the first of many of these tests just now and I got a 9….<these 9 measly points is out of 45 by the way>

It really hurt my feelings too.  Especially since I want to get a 30 on the actual test; shit is truly tragic right about now. 

Not only that but yesterday I finally got to check my grades for the semester; they are a real disappointment man.  This by far has been my WORST semester EVER.  Then on top of that I have to retake one of my classes <it was expected after being in the class for about a month but still>…Its really discouraging.  Especially because when I think about it, I’ve always been damn near a straight A student…but I’m gonna keep on going; so don’t stick a fork in me yet, I’m not done.

*By any means necessary*


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